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Brian T. Coughlin
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OK, it’s been a busy holiday season. Lots of good gigs and family events. Over that time I have had the opportunity to add to my list of sampled Christmas ales. Here is my newest list. I hope you have enjoyed some good ones too.


Sam Adams Merry Maker “Gingerbread Stout”:

Not one of my more favorite in the seasonal entries. Gingerbread and Stout should never be combined. The spices in this one were all wrong. This one will not make my starting rotation for next year.

Troegs: “Mad Elf”

This is one of my favorites. Nice rich malty taste. Not overly spiced. A very nice blend of spices and hops to deliver a nice “holiday “taste. 11% doesn’t hurt either. This should be taken internally. Never drink it outside the house.

Great Lakes “Christmas Ale”

This has become a standard on my seasonal list. This year’s batch was a good one.

Full Sail “Wassail” Winter Ale

A nice ale will do in a pinch. I would never turn one down.

Flying Bison “Holiday Ale”

I have had some wonderful product from this brewery. This however was a real disappointment. It did not live up to my tastes. This had a very pale taste and a very week finish compared to the other seasonal offerings I have tasted this season.

Southern Tier @XMAS

This one rates up at the top of my list. Great flavor, very malty, nice blend of spices and orange piels. The touch of fig adds a nice taste. At 8% this is a very tasty Christmas Ale.

Twisted Rail Brewery “Merry Twistmas” Ale:

This was the surprise of the season. This is a new little brewery that just opened up in Canandaigua, New York. We were at dinner right next door to the brewery. On the way out I stopped in just to see what they were like. The owner was there and I had a nice chat with him. I saw this offering on their slate. He let me sample a bit of the Merry Twistmas. That sample left such a great impression that I went back out the next day and took home two growlers. If the rest of their product is as good as this they have just secured a very loyal customer. If you are in Candandaigua, NY look this place up.


The New Year may have been ushered in but there are still more offerings out there to taste. More later hope you all had a happy new year.


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